Ryan is our Co-founder and Director of Marketing. He is a full-time marketing consultant, writer, designer, and spends his time volunteering at his daughter’s school garden, and spearheaded the incorporation of a GreenSTEM program.


He became aware of PlayBurg during its very early raw stage as a simple children’s bookstore but saw amazing potential. Ryan has a natural ability to understand the long-term potential, create a roadmap to success, and to make it happen. With PlayBurg he did not hesitate.


Eventually, this evolved into the museum-playground-garden hybrid that we know and love today. Ryan’s sales and marketing background identified PlayBurg as perfectly (mutually) beneficial for both shopping malls and parents - not to mention kids, nature, brands, social groups, and even the government. Win-win situations are always the best solutions.


In PlayBurg, Ryan is responsible for the general marketing concept but it doesn’t stop there. He oversees the development of Garden Grove, and builds learning material around this to help kids understand where food comes from, overall environmental concerns, and taking pride in bringing a seed to life. His opinion is highly valued in all spheres of PlayBurg.


Ryan Judd is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn