Evelyn is the founder of ThriveKids™, a specialized kids center that was specifically created for high-energy kids offering the 20/20/20 circuit to help kids reach their full potential.


Evelyn Roth has had the privilege of raising a young and very Spirited boy. Life with him has been a joy and a challenge, from the moment he arrived on earth. After years of overcoming one hurdle at a time, Evelyn educated herself and her family through a long list of courses and programs, including Social and Behavioral Skills, and met with numerous organizations to learn how they worked with SpiritedKids™.


As a result, she has now launched ThriveKids™, a healthy approach to working with SpiritedKids™. ThriveKids™ programs address the Mind, Body & Character through a healthy integrated program, giving kids the tools they need to understand and overcome their daily challenges and become successful at home, school and in their communities. SpiritedKids™ will be Fit, Focused, and Fearless™ people with the help of ThriveKids™!


PlayBurg learns from Evelyn’s experience in an effort to constantly evolve and provide our diverse kids with richer, more meaningful experience.


Evelyn Roth is on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

Additional Info at www.thrivekids.ca