Anna is PlayBurg's heart and soul. She founded this business to help parents feel good about their choices and to help kids grow happier and healthier. She believes that every child carries a spark, and a simple act of kindness can ignite and shape entire future with a positive light. Every child has a potential to be the next Einstein or Marie Curie and she enthusiastically encourages this.


"If you plant enough seeds, something good will eventually grow".


As a professional in economics and marketing and a mother of two, Anna knows all too well how difficult it can be to balance work, family, and leisure. This professional experience and family passion found a perfect home in Toronto’s largest shopping mall. The simple joyful act of going store to store trying on dresses can be severely interrupted if your little one decides to throw a tantrum. Sometimes kids need a place to relax, learn, or play while parents enjoy themselves.


Anna oversees all aspects of PlayBurg from coordinating programs, managing relationships with consultants and staff, providing the freedom for professional development, and ensuring a safe and healthy environment.


PlayBurg is Anna’s child that will constantly grow, develop, and be treated with care. We promise PlayBurg will not throw any tantrums!


Anna Curlat-Rozenberg is on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn