Adel owns the children's bookstore "Matveika". She naturally loves all types of books, but children's books have always been her passion. The way they shape human behaviour and character, glue back the broken heart, and heal the damaged soul always compelled Adel to invest all of her time and efforts into books.


"Matveika" isn’t just a bookstore, but a home where stories are shared. No surprise, kids love to be read to and become super passionate when they are the ones reading. Working with educational specialists to develop engaging workshops, hands-on tutoring, and collective art lessons. Parents and kids come together to demand more meaningful events.


Adel acts as PlayBurg’s independent book consultant helping to build our library and keep it modern and entertaining. Her careful curation of books reach kids of all interests and reading levels. Her influence plays a major role in shaping the themes and activities that make PlayBurg special.


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