Kids Play. Kids Learn. Kids Read. You Shop.


Kid Programs  (4-10 years)

Kids aged 4-10 have a brand new reason to love going to the mall, and you’re going to love it too. PlayBurg provides a safe and fun place for your kids to stay while you shop. To keep things interesting, PlayBurg inserts small portions of Life Lessons into everyday fun and activity.


Toddler Programs (2-4 years)

Kids ages 2-4 have a great opportunity. This is the age when they learn the most. The more we provide them with, the more they absorb. PlayBurg wants to play a role in this early development by providing as much fun healthy learning as we can.


Workshops for parents

There are specific times throughout the day that we’ve reserved just for you and your little one. Enjoy some peaceful quality time with our mindful baby-and-me sessions, or attend seminars designed to enrich everyday life.


Workshops for kids

Kids sometimes need instructor-lead learning and play to reap the full benefits. Each and every day, PlayBurg will provide planned learning sessions and organized activities for your kids to make the most of their time with us.

Useful Links

  • CK-12: free personalized learning portal for K-12 students, STEM concept (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).
  • Ladies Learning Code: not-for-profit organization with the overall scope to make technology easy and accessible for everyone, regardless of age or gender, calendar of local events, camps and after-school programs.
  • Khan Academy: K-12 video tutorials about everything math, science, engineering, art, economy and much more.
  • TED-Ed: from creators of Ted Talks, TedEd is a carefully curated series of "lessons worth sharing" for kids and kids at heart.
  • Google Arts & Culture: a new Google tool that allows you to explore more than 1000 artworks across the 17 greatest museums in the world, creative experiments and stories behind the most beautiful aspects of our life.