Toddler Programs

It is such a tender and sweet age of 2-4 years. Kids are trying their first steps, forming their personality, and search for parental support every second. It is also a very challenging time for parents. It is nearly impossible to stay away from your child for too long at this age, regardless of how desperately you may need it.


PlayBurg has a special place for you and your toddler. We have a dedicated area for toddlers where kids can enjoy the safe company of others while parents sit back and relax for awhile.


Toddlers can’t shop for hours on end. They need many breaks throughout the day and we believe that quiet time with age-appropriate toys, bright equipment, and like-aged kids is a necessary pause to your shopping day.


Experts have identified that toddlers need the chance to move around freely at least every 20 minutes. PlayBurg gives them space to play, sit, stand, lay down, roll, run, sit, lay down or whatever else their hearts desire. By the way, adults could use a little more of this too. Feel free to roll around on the carpet too! Just make sure you have a kid with you.


Consider PlayBurg as your refuge. If you are looking to play with toys that your home doesn’t have space for, meet new kids, or simply get out of the rain, we are here for you. We are committed to providing you with the most outstanding, extraordinary, constantly changeable toys, equipment and books for you to test, play, and unwind at your convenience.


The parent and toddler area is available during the opening hours without any time limit since you accompany your child, and will cost you $25 + tax for a visit (day pass). The only restriction we have is the number of kids and parents to a reasonably comfortable atmosphere for play, served on a first-come-first-in basis.


During the hours when older kids are not on the playground (usually they come after 3 PM on weekdays because of school) the access to the bigger space of the playground will be opened as well as the dedicated area. That includes our Museum Neighbourhood, Sports Arena, some of the equipment that is safe for toddlers, and of course our Indoor Garden.


You might be interested in our morning workshops for parents, so make sure to check our calendar on a regular basis.

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