Kid Programs

At the age of 4-10 years, children are still too little to stay home alone but too independent and curious to stay entertained and polite during adult shopping. As responsible parents, we always strive for the best for our kids, but avoiding hard-decisions and easy-solutions isn’t always possible.


Every day we see hundreds of kids at the shopping malls glued to their phones. They’re off in their own world, bored, disobedient, and misbehaving. This would happen much less if kids were given the opportunity to be engaged with education and productive entertainment.


Have you ever tried to shop for a new dress or the next best gadget? What about a new purse, new necklace, or new shoes? This takes visits to multiple stores before you find the one you want, and running from store to store with an unhappy child in tow can make it nearly impossible.


At PlayBurg we will have you covered. You can leave your precious kid with us for up to 2 hours while you shop. It will cost you $25 + tax. During their stay they’ll be occupied with sports activities, table games, board games, the latest children comic and jokes book, and latest hits of popular children's literature in English and French.


PlayBurg has a special section which mimics the best children’s hands-on museums, such as Toronto Science Centre, Science North, Civilization Museum and The Strong National Museum of Play. Exhibitions are much smaller but are themed to entertain and updated every 2 months.


At PlayBurg we are big fans of the kinesthetic classroom. We believe that small bits of brain exercises come hand in hand with physical play. We bring these together with multiplication tables on the rock-climbing wall, word spelling in the gym, and poems near board games. Let’s try it out together!


Every hour after 4 PM on weekdays and each hour of the weekend we provide special workshops for kids. Make sure you check the schedule for children workshops and events in our calendar.


Oh, and don’t forget about the Indoor Garden. This is our special project where kids plant, grow and harvest food and other greens. What can be more fulfilling than to learn how our food is grown and see how your flower blooms? The work in the Indoor Garden includes building and using of tools, irrigation systems, learning about light, life cycle, and composition of plants and some basic food literacy.

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