For Parents

Dear parents, we built this business for you. We want to enrich your shopping experience, and we want it to be meaningful.

At PlayBurg we believe that child care should be much more than just a space where you can leave your kids for awhile. We believe that kids are our future, and that they deserve every chance to grow.


Our core activities are built around what kids need most:

  • Social Interaction
  • Healthy Physical Activity
  • STEM Inspired Education
  • Arts and Environment


All of our dedicated play and learn zones are equipped with safety and security. Every inch of our space is visible to security cameras which you can check in on any time you like from your smartphone while you shop. Our equipment and play structures are designed with the most strict of health and safety requirements, and each member of our staff has gone through a rigorous vetting process.


The government has fairly strict child care requirements. However, we do not believe in “the bare minimum”.


We want to hear from you!

We welcome any suggestions to improve your experience.

If you have ideas for new games, new learning modules, or new safety enhancements, please let us know by clicking here.