About Us

A Few Words About Us

PlayBurg is the founder’s project of passion. As a Canadian immigrant and a mother, she always found a trip to the shopping mall to be a challenge. On one hand, she needed enough time to complete her tasks without having to rush too much. On the other, it was a tremendous inconvenience to arrange for a babysitter for just a few unpredictable hours at a time. Her son became bored and irritable while being dragged from store to store, or reduced to staring at a screen while left alone with a part time caretaker.

Surely there’s a better way.

PlayBurg was designed as a city of play, with its own neighbourhoods and streets. Some neighbourhoods are famous for its Sport Arena, others for the Mountain Top, hands-on Museum, Sensory Crescent, and their very own indoor Garden Grove.

PlayBurg guests help to shape the city. They vote on which sports to feature, which installments the museum should host, and enjoy a hands-on involvement in helping the garden grow.

What We Offer


2 hours of play for kids 4-10 years old while their parents are away.
Professional and certified staff will lead and facilitate the play, educational activities and exploration.


Day pass play for toddlers (2-4 years old) with parents.
Dedicated area with related toys and equipment to get little ones happy.


Workshops for kids and parents.
Learn something new or do something together. We invited special guests and bring supplies and ideas to the table. You can sooth your body and mind while the kids to learn and play.

Our Staff

  • Anna Curlat-Rozenberg

    Anna is PlayBurg's heart and soul. She founded this business to help parents feel good about their choices and to…

  • Ryan Judd

    Ryan is our Co-founder and Director of Marketing. He is a full-time marketing consultant, writer, designer, and spends his time…

  • Evelyn Roth

    Evelyn is the founder of ThriveKids™, a specialized kids center that was specifically created for high-energy kids offering the 20/20/20…

  • Ekaterina Gueletina

    Nulla facilisi. Aenean nec eros. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibu. Suspendisse congue 1986 viverra nunc sed ultrices. Aliquam erat…

  • Adel Poltoratskaya

    Adel owns the children's bookstore "Matveika". She naturally loves all types of books, but children's books have always been her…