Learn and Play
While Parents are Away

Far too often kids don’t have the chance to be active, and don’t have the chance to extend learning beyond the classroom. PlayBurg is specifically designed to enrich the lives of kids with healthy doses of play and interactive education.

Toddler and You

Younger children need their own safe space and parents desperately need some downtime while tending to toddlers while shopping. PlayBurg has reserved some space just for you! Spend as much time as you like playing, reading, or cuddling.

Me, You
Something New

Every hour our certified professionals will be leading hands-on workshops, story time sessions, and competitive activities. We are constantly developing new science activities and introducing board games and books.


Welcome to PlayBurg, a safe place for kids to play and learn while you shop at your own pace.

We don’t provide a space where your children will be just staring at screens waiting for you. We provide a safe environment for kids to interact, exercise, learn, and play.

Our learning center is inspired by today’s most kid-approved museums, galleries, libraries, and science centers.

Our playzone is specifically designed to maximize fun and safety, encouraging kids to stay active and develop teamwork.


What we offer

Kids of age 4-10 years can spend up to 2 hours enjoying:

  • Assisted play
  •  Imaginative crafts
  •  Exciting and educational reading
  •  Fun and safe play structure
  •  Indoor sports
  •  Board games
  •  Positive interaction with other kids
  •  STEM exhibitions and activities
  •  Interesting workshops

Emotional and Social Development

Studies agree that today’s kids spend far too much time with screens. They are lacking social experience, get far too little exercise, and don’t have enough opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Playburg delivers a safe environment for kids to interact, engage in creative learning sessions, or just relax with a cool book or board game.




PlayBurg combines inspiration from Toronto’s most popular learning centers, the wildly successful STEM education model, and growing environmental concerns. We make every effort to help kids grow.




Children need a variety of play. PlayBurg play programs consider active play and competitive sports, group and individual exercise, and a variety of concentration-based board games. Don’t worry, we’re parents too. Safety is our Number One concern.

Things to do in PlayBurg



2 hours for kids 4-10 years $25 + tax. Day pass for kids 2-4 years $25 + tax.


Every month new workshops, museum exhibitions and new books.


In PlayBurg we work with professional ECEs and only certified equipment providers.


Safety first. Equipment and staff certifications, safety policies, security systems, and everything else you care about.


Signing up is a breeze. Easy checklist before you enter, simple waiver, short info for pick-up rules and cool name tag.